Ideas for helping your child to learn

Are you fed up with flashcards, and word wallets? Do you want some ideas for creative and imaginative ways to help your child with phonics, reading and spelling?

If you have ever had to fight to get your child to do reading or spelling practice at home, then this e-booklet is for you! I have been teaching reading for some years, particularly to children who have been experiencing difficulties. This e-booklet offers something a little different to parents wishing to support their child with learning to read and spell. It contains a summary of ideas I have collected, invented and adapted over the years to engage children in their learning and turn what can be repetitive practice into fun and games. The activities are suitable from Reception level upwards and are mostly aimed at Key Stage 1, but parents of Key Stage 2 children will also find activities that appeal, particularly if their child is experiencing difficulties.

So if you want to know how to use a trampoline or "subversive" surfaces to help your child learn reading, spelling and phonics and have fun at the same time, then buy this e-booklet!

As well as 19 different activities to try with your child, the e-booklet gives a brief explanation of synthetic phonics (as taught in many schools) and provides some straightforward advice on handwriting. There is also a section discussing some tried and tested computer learning software. It is formatted as a word document and is 14 pages in total, including the cover page and appendix. Please make sure your correct email is attached to your payment via paypal. Once payment has been received in my Paypal account, I will email the e-booklet to you as a word document attachment.

What parents have said about this booklet!

...I think I have turned a corner with helping my daughter at home since receiving your info. And, best bit is, we've both really enjoyed it!

...it is a really excellent resource and would be valuable to most parents of reception+ children.

...Your booklet is really useful and has some new ideas in it that I will try out. I also like the website links.

...full of fab and interesting ideas...your resource will be invaluable.