Confident Learning Programme

Parents and carers sometimes have concerns about their child's education or would like to give their child more help if only they knew where to start. Of course the first person to ask is your child's teacher, but sometimes it can be useful to have more support than the limited amount of time that can be offered by the teacher in school.

I provide a service that can help.

  • Perhaps you would like to support your child with their school work rather than employing an after-school tutor but you are uncertain about how and where to start;
  • Perhaps you are home educating your child and would like some advice on a particular curriculum area;
  • Perhaps you are concerned about your child's abilities or rate of progress in a particular subject;
  • Perhaps your child is unhappy with learning at school or you suspect that they are having some kind of specific difficulty and you are not sure how to address it.

The Confident Learning Programme will help equip and enable you to work with your child and and also advise on addressing issues with your child's school.

I offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss your specific issues of concern, offer any initial advice and help you decide if the programme would be right for you.

Core Components of the Programme

Two half-hour consultations per monthThese are times when we can talk on a one-to-one basis about the specific issues affecting your child. I can:

  • help you understand the best approach to helping your child learn and advise on techniques and tactics.
  • help you identify any specific concerns you might have about your child's learning and formulate strategies for raising issues with your child's school or pursuing concerns further.

Advice on teaching targets, monitoring and materials

This is time (up to an hour a month) that I spend apart from the one-to-one consultations. It might be used to:

  • help you draw up specific learning targets for your child and teach you how to monitor your child's progress;
  • suggest particular apps, computer programmes, workbooks or other tried and tested resources suitable for you to use with your child;
  • email you links to online games and materials;
  • advise on ways you can inject fun and games into learning sessions.

The programme is highly flexible and, whilst the most common areas and issues are outlined above, I am happy to work with you to address other areas where you might want support or help with your child's learning.

Three month programme - £210

Just £70 per month

Six month programme - £360

Just £60 per month


To find out more or book an initial free consultation session, please use one of the following options:

Phone 0161 707 0346

Flat 17, Reeves Court, Canterbury Gardens, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 5AE

* This service is only available where children are being educated (either in school or at home) within the UK.